A simple guide for anyone who wants to learn ethical hacking

A screenshot from the famous exploitation tool: Metasploit framework

Cybersecurity is a very important part of our world. We read very often news about data leaks that sometimes sadly include our own personal data. You can even check the website Have I Been Pwned if your email appears in any data leak.

As a web developer, I know a few security tricks and sometimes I do them automatically without a full understanding of why they must be done 🤔. Therefore, in order to build more secured Web apps I wanted to explore the world of ethical hacking. …

Learning how to draw Rakugaki, a Japanese drawing style

Four years ago, I started the Learning Lab challenge 🚀, basically every 1 or 2 months I learn about a new topic and build something related to this topic. I don’t have a strict criteria to choose a topic, it depends on how I feel, the skills I want to develop, the new innovations to explore, or it can be just about my level of curiosity. As a developer and designer, I wanted to deepen my design skills. I thought that learning how to draw could help with that 🤔.

A few years ago, I went to a design fair…

A Tale of a Giant Losing a Tiny Customer

Short Story (TL;DR)

I have recently been contacted by WhatsApp lawyers and they asked me to shut down one of my apps called WhatsBlast (an app to send customized group messages). I tried to come up with different alternatives such as removing the “connection” with WhatsApp or even to put the app open source and remove it totally from the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. They did not accept any of my alternative solutions because the Terms & Conditions are soooooooo broad that they cover any case they don’t like 🤦‍♂️. I lost one battle, and because I never liked WhatsApp…

#14 — Learning how to create a clean project with TypeScript following the SOLID principles

It has been 3 years where every month (or two) I learn about one new topic. It’s what I call the Learning Lab challenge 🚀. This time I took a bit longer to learn about both the TypeScript language and the SOLID architecture.

As a developer, I constantly need to be updated with the latest technology, principles, and paradigms. I don’t necessarily need to master them but at least to know what they are so that I am able to jump easier on projects.

When I start a backend or full-stack project I usually go for Symfony (a well-known PHP…

#13 — A comparison between Flutter and NativeScript from the eye of a web developer

Two years ago I started the Learning Lab challenge: to learn about one new topic every one or two months. The previous months, after learning about nutrition, I decided to learn the framework Flutter 🙌.

Flutter is a toolkit, made by Google, to build native apps for mobile (iOS and Android), web and even desktop with one codebase. My friend Etienne, challenged me to learn it with him. I didn’t want in the beginning since I am a Web developer, and also I recently learnt how to build mobile apps with NativeScript VueJS (and I loved it!). …

#12 — Understand what you eat for a better life

It has been 2 years where every month (or two) I learn about one new topic. It’s what I call the Learning Lab challenge 🚀. These last two months I decided to learn about nutrition, a very broad topic trapped between the popular believes and the scientific papers.

You wonder why I decided to learn about nutrition? my answer is very simple: we spend our days working, eating and sleeping and I was strongly convinced that knowing how nutrition works and knowing better the food itself will help me prevent getting diseases and prevent me from going to the doctor…

Be more productive to enjoy a stress-free life

In a busy world, it’s important to take charge of your own time to be able to live freely and without stress 🙂. I personally started to work on my productivity 10 years ago, in my first years of college, in order to find a good balance between study, student clubs projects, and parties 😬! I’ve been improving and iterating my own process year after year, first offline, then it got online using Evernote. It’s only 4 years ago that I finally found my perfect productive system!

I’m going to share mine in this post and how to build yours

#11— An overview on How to Build Native Apps with NativeScript VueJS

After learning how to taste wine 🍷, I decided to follow my second year of the Learning Lab challenge, by taking 1 month to learn how to build native apps with NativeScript VueJS. You will see in this post how to do the same and quickly build native apps!

As you probably know there are different ways to build mobile apps:

  • Native — it uses Java or Kotlin for Android and Objective-C or Swift for iOS; this is the best way but it takes time (you basically have to do the same app twice) and requires good skills for developing…

A retrospective after one year of learning and building projects alongside my day job

Building projects and blocks!

One year ago I started a challenge: to learn a new topic every month and to apply the knowledge to a project 🧠.

That’s how I ended up building a cryptocurrency, two electronic songs, a few color palette tools, a crypto investment portfolio, a Progressive Web App, a Jekyll Webpack Boilerplate and an E-commerce and all of that with love ♥️.

This last year was a very busy year but very instructive and fun for me. …

#10 — The Secrets of Wine Tasting in just 10 minutes

As a French person, I am regularly dealing with wine: at a restaurant, at a family dinner, when meeting friends, at a wedding, for an aperitif. Every occasion is good for a wine 🍷.

The moment people start to drink and comment, “It’s a good one, what do you think?”, is when it becomes embarrassing. I just answer “Yes, sure..sure.. 😬”. Actually, people tend to ask me this question quite often, even more when you are abroad and you are the only French person. The only problem is that I have no idea whether it is good or not. …


Hello, I’m Sandoche Adittane. I learn about one topic every month and write a post about it!

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