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Set up your Telegram to Notion Integration in a few seconds

3 min readJul 22, 2021


Notion is a powerful all-in-one productivity tool, and it gets exponentially better when you make Notion the central part of your system: your second brain 🧠. Connecting your daily productivity tools to Notion is a key step to achieve that, it’s a way to collect any information you receive or see.

As a big user of Telegram, I needed to be able to send any type of data that I received in my Telegram chats, such as links, images, addresses, pdf (and so on) to Notion to power up my productivity. Therefore I built this Telegram to Notion Bot. As you can see in the video above, it is fast and easy to use ⚡️.

Find below a quick guide to set up your integration 🚀

Set up the connexion of Telegram to Notion

Setting up the Telegram to Notion Bot is pretty straightforward. It takes less than a minute.

1. Talk to @ToNotionBot in Telegram or click on the following link to open the conversion with the bot.

2. Press Start followed by the Get started button.

3. Before continuing make sure you have a Page or a Table on Notion where you want the content from Telegram to go to, if that’s not th ecase, create one.

4. Press Login with Notion, this will open a window asking you to grant access to the bot and then select the pages / databases you want to share. Once the access granted you will be redirected to Telegram.




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