How to use ChatGPT anywhere on Telegram

Use ChatGPT in any Telegram conversation in a few seconds



ChatGPT is a powerful AI tool that can assist you in anything: writing emails and blog posts, correcting text, translating, solving technical problems, brainstorming, advising, and even writing jokes. It could be seen as a personal assistant or even as a brain extension 🧠.

Nevertheless, having to open the ChatGPT website or any other alternative apps to access its power can disrupt your workflow and be time-consuming.

As a big user of Telegram I needed a way to be able to bring the power of ChatGPT to any conversation for very different use cases: answer questions and solve technical problems with some colleagues, write jokes and comic stories with some friends, or brainstorm and find ideas with some makers!

I looked for different solutions and didn’t find the perfect one so I built it myself: ChatGPT on Telegram, an easy-to-use bot to summon ChatGPT from anywhere on Telegram 🚀.

There are 3 ways to use this bot depending on your needs:
1. Talk to the bot directly
2. Add the bot to a group chat
3. Use the inline bot in any conversation

Talk directly to the bot

This is probably the easiest way to use this bot, just go to the conversation with the bot ( and ask anything as if you were talking to one of your contacts! The bot will then fetch an answer within a few seconds.

As easy as talking to any contact

Add the bot to a group chat

Another way to use ChatGPT is to add it to a group conversation.




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